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Baroque Malaga
Baroque Andalucia

This route presents an interesting sample of town-planning, art and arquitecture from the baroque period, with influence from two principal sources from Andalucia (Granada and Sevilla) and from the university with the diverse use of materials (rock, brick, plaster, whitewashed rubble-work).

In Málaga the Cathedral-Church consisting of the Sagrario-Episcopalian Palace, and the Church of the Victoria, stand out. The façade of the Cathedral is prominent (José of Bada). In Victoria, one is surprised by the Cript of the Buenavista of the Counts (F. Unzurrúnzaga). Of interest are the Church of Santo Cristo, Santiago, San Juan, the Santos Mártires and San Felipe Neri, the Hospital of San Julián and the Cristo of Zamarrilla hermitage.

Málaga, Ronda, Antequera, Archidona, Velez-Malaga.

In Churriana, in the El Retiro Estate, is the most beautiful private garden in Andalucia, designed by Martín de Aldehuela.

One can visit the Walk of the Serranía (mountains) Cartama (hermitage of the Redemptions) and Coín (Parish and Sanctuary of the Fuensanta). Ronda shows, together with it´s religious arquitecture (Churches of the Padre Jesús and Santa María, the Santa Isabel and Madre de Dios Convents, the Virgen of Pain Temple), important civil works like the Puente Nuevo and the Plaza of Toros, the House of the King Moro and the Marqués of Salvatierra Palace.

In the country, Antequera is one of the convent cities from the baroque period. A strategic enclave between the two Andalucias, there are a number of churches (El Carmen, Loreto, San José, Belén, Remedios, Victoria or Santiago), brick towers (Colegiata de San Sebastián, San Agustín, Madre de Dios), the San Juan de Dios Hospital, chapels (Portichuelo, Cruz Blanca), the Immaculate Triumph and the Marqués de Villadarias Palace. In Campillos one can see the Parroquia Church (front of A.M.Figueroa). In Archidona the Plaza Ochavada, the Posito, the Churches of Jesús y María, Santo Domingo, Santa Ana and the Victoria and Hermitage of the Nazareno.

On the coast there is an important baroque center of Malaga: Velez-Málaga (Churches Carmelitas Descalzas, San Francisco, San Juan, Nuestra Señora of Graciaand hermitages). Macharaviaya displays it´s Paroquial Church (1783).