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Considered "the City of Paradise" by Vicente Aleixandre, the capital of the Costa del sol enjoys one of the finest climates to be found anywhere in Europe. The Alcazaba Fortess, Roman theatre, Cathedral and Gibralforo Castle are the four leading architectural lights, not forgetting the Malagueta Bullring, at the end of the Paseo del Parque.

The majestic Christian processions which line the streets during Easter week and the August Fair offer the best opportunity to witness the city's most popular traditions, traditions which are more than worthy of the visitor's attention. The Verdiales Dance Festival held in the Málaga Mountain on 28 December is a more intimate affair.

Malaga is the major coastal city of Andalucia and is a genuine and typical Andaluz city with a gritty individualism untouched by tourism and the passage of time. The Moors occupied the city until the mid fifteenth century, after which it grew to become one of the foremost merchant centres in the entire Iberian Peninsula. This illustrious past has left its imprint on the historic centre, particularly around La Alcazaba, a fortress which dates back to 1065 and is now a fascinating archaeological museum.

Also worth a visit is the nearby castle which was rebuilt by the Moors and is today a traditional parador (state hotel) with superb panoramic views. During the nineteenth century, Malaga was a popular winter resort for the wealthy famed for its elegance and sophistication. The impressive park on Calle Alameda dates back to this era and is recognised as being one of the most celebrated botanical collections in Europe. During the winter, open air concerts are held here every Sunday which makes a refreshing change from the bucket and spade scenario on the coast. Pablo Picasso is the city's famous son and there are several galleries showing his work, including the 16th century Museum of Fine Arts, adjacent to the Cathedral.

His birthplace in Plaza Merced is today an archive of his life and works and open to the public; the entrance is absolutely free (so are all the services: Documentation Centre, exhibitions, museum, video projections...) Málaga's main theatre is the "Theatro Cervantes". As well as being a cultural centre, Malaga is also a great place to eat out. Tapas, small portions of many different dishes is an Andalusian tradition and a wonderfully inexpensive way to try a variety of local food.

Garden lovers won't be disappointed in Malaga either. In the centre of the city is the beautiful Alameda Gardens, and just outside on the way toAntequera one finds the extensive Jardines de la Concepción. Málaga airport is of course on of the major airports in Spain due to the number of tourist arrivals on charter flights from Northern Europe using Malaga airport as a gateway to the Costa del Sol.

Tourist Office: Avda. de Cervantes, 1 Paseo del Parque (952 604 410) Airport: 952 048 804/952 048 844
IBERIA: 952 136 166/952 136 167
Town Hall: 952 135 000 Train Station (RENFE): Information (902 240 202), Customer service (952 128 267)
Local Police: 952 126 500 (092)
Health centre
Emergencies (24 hours): 952 362 238 (061)
951 039 800
Central Bus Station: 952 350 061
EMT (Urban bus): El Parque (952 212 238); Alameda (952 210 295)
Casa de la Cultura: 952 Port - TRANSMEDITERRANEA: 902 454 645
Post Office: 952 359 108/952 339 196/952 261 066 Radio-Taxi: 952 320 000/952 333 333
San Antonio Abad: January 17th

Carnivals (Baile de máscaras,
Pregón de carnavales, Concurso de grupos de carnaval, Desfile de carnaval, Entierro del boquerón):
End of February

Fiesta de verdiales:

Procesiones y pasos:
Holy Week

Citizen day:
March 10th

Festival de primavera:
First Sunday in April

Panda de verdiales:
April 8th

Romería Olivar Monsalve:
May 15th

Feria de San Isidro:
May 15th

Cruces de Mayo:

Fiesta en honor a San Bernabé:

Corpus Christi:

Noche de San Juan:
June 23th

Verbena de San Juan ( Puerto de la Torre):
June 23-24th

Verbena de San Juan (Campanillas):
June 23th

July 1th

Romería de la Virgen del Carmen:

Feria del Carmen: July 12-16th

Certamen de malagueñas:
August 3th

Fiesta de Huertecillas de Mañas:
August 3-7th


Feria en Tarajal:
September 2-4th

Moraga popular:
Last Sunday of the feria

Virgen de la Victoria:

Reunión de verdiales:

Semana estudios verdiales:
December 12-15th

Teatro infantil:
December 21th

Fiesta mayor de verdiales:
December 28th
Cathedral & Museum: 9,00-18,45 h. Closed on Sunday and festivos.

Alcazaba: Free entrance. 9,30-20,00 h. Closed on Tuesday.

Teatro romano: In restoration.

Castillo de Gibralfaro: Free entrance. 9,00-20,00 h. Open all week.

Palacio Buenavista (future Museo Picasso)

Casa Natal de Picasso: 11,00-14,00 and 17,00-20,00 h. Monday to Saturday; Closed on Sunday afternoon.

Museo Flamenco: Ticket reservation: Tel. 952 21 08 76

Plaza de Toros de la Malagueta: 8,00- 15,00 h. Monday to Friday.

El Retiro Jardín Botánico-Ornitológico.

"La Concepción". Jardín Botánico-Histórico:
10,00-19,30 h. Closed on Monday

Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares-Unicaja: 10,00-13,30 and 17,00-20,00 h. Closed on Saturday afternoon, Sunday and festivos. Ticket: 200 ptas. Pensioners: 100 ptas. Children: free.

Palacio Episcopal. Sala de Exposiciones: 10,00-14,00 and 18,00-21,00 h. Closed on Monday.

Palacio de la Aduana. Partial exhibition of the Bellas Artes Museum. Salón de Columnas: Closed on Monday. Tuesday: 15,00-20,00 h. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 9,00-20,00 h. Weekend: 9,00-15,00 h.

Museo Antropológico de los Montes de Málaga: Ticket reservation ( AMA): Tel. 951040058.

Museo Municipal de Málaga: 11,00-21,00 h. Open all week.

Museo de Málaga Sección de Arqueología La Alcazaba Tel: 952 22 04 43. Open from Tuesday to Friday: 9.30 - 13.30h and 16.00 - 19.00h; Saturday: 10.00 - 13.00h and Sunday: 10.00 - 14.00h. Ticket: 250 pts.

Museo de Málaga Sección de Bellas Artes: Palacio de Buenavista C/ San Agustín, 8. Tel: 952 21 83 83. Open from Friday to Sunday: 10.00 - 13.30h; Tuesday to Friday: 17.00 - 20.00h. Closed on Monday. Ticket: 250 pts.
Teatro Alameda: Córdoba, 9. Tlf. : 952213412

Teatro Miramar

Teatro Municipal Miguel de Cervantes:
Ramos Marín, s/n. Tlf. : 952224100 /109 y 952220237

Teatro Cánovas:
Plaza del Ejido, s/n. Tlf.: 952435007.