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For the adventurous travellers who don't want to spend their holidays just lying on the beach.

These routes explore the wild countryside behind the built up coastal area. The land of the white-washed villages, the sleepy easy-going agriculture way of life, Spain as it was 100 years ago.

Meet the real Spaniard, who works the land and has lived on it for generation after generation and, surprisingly, is hardly aware of the millions of tourist thronging the beaches just on the other side of the mountain.

Enjoy the local food and local wines grown on village vineyards and prepare yourself for what Spain is all about, a touch of the past hidden amidst a bustling, cosmopolitan future.

Route 1:
Estepona-Ascensión al pico Reales
Route 2:
Cortijo de los Quejigales-Ctra. de Ronda
Route 3:
La Sauceda-Peñón del Buitre
Route 4:
La Sauceda-Pico del Aljibe
Route 5:
Mijas pueblo-Mijas pico
Route 6:
Tolox-Cañada de las Carnicerías
Route 7:
Los Quejigales-Peñón de Ronda
Route 8:
Los Quejigales-Peñón de los Enamorados
oute 9
Los Quejigales-Torrecilla

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