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Estepona-Ascensión to the Real Peaks

Profile of the Route

Environment: Sierra Bermeja

Access: Your own vehicle. In a bus from Malaga.

Reference: Estepona, situated in the highway N-340, 84 Kms. from Malaga.

Difficulty: Medium, because of the length of the climb.

Duration: 8 hours

We depart from Estepona on the Algatocin highway. In just a few kilometers we find on the right a part asphalt, part dirt road, that connects to a bigger highway that we take to the left and it goes up by one of the ridges of the Picos de los Reales, with an altitude of 1.440 m. The Sierra Bermeja offers us a coloured landscape, with redish tones. It is rocky with disperse plants and majestic Spanish firs that create a strange and attractive landscape. The course offers a progressive vision of this phenomenon, that shelters a large number of aboriginal plants. From the summit of the Peaks, until the one that accedes around and ascends to face west, in a cone-shaped form, we can get a glimpse of the Mediterranean in all of it´s splender.

Estepona is a tourist nucleus of great interest. In its city center the ruins of the aqueduct and the Roman city of Salduba, stand out as well as the church of Ntra. Sra. de los Remedios. There are many places to stay of all kinds and many beaches with toasted sand.