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Cortijo de los Quejigales-Ronda Highway

Profile of the Route

Environment:Sierra de las Nieves (The Snow Mountains)

Access: Own Vehicle

Reference: Cortijo de los Quejigales, situated 13 Kms. away in the Ronda national highway- San Pedro de Alcántara, entering from the 13th Km. of the highway and after the two junctions taken to the left.

Difficulty: Easy

Duration: 4 hours

This itinerary, takes us through a trail in the forest, and offers another way to enter the Sierra de las Nieves natural park apart from the classic entrance mentioned above. From the farm-estate Quejigales, we head north to reach the peak that goes in the direction toward the port with the same name, following the description the itinerary of Los Quejigales-Peñón de Ronda. The peak, once we pass the port, heads straightfoward entering and leaving the drawing of the mountain slope. We arrive at the divide which at the right heads directly to one of the farm-estates and we take a left, to head toward Sierra Hidalga, with it´s solitary and desolate views yet beautifully neglected. Here, the lane slopes very high and slopes downward passing a television receiver where we can contemplate the highway below, where we are going to end up.

This crossroad is of great ecological richness, principally in flora, where we can see various species native to the area.