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La Sauceda-Peñón del Buitre

Profile of the Route

Environemnt:Sierra del Aljibe

Access: Own Vehicle

Reference: La Sauceda, a farm situated 57 Kms. from Algeciras towards Bornos,in the last foothills of the province malagueña. To Algeciras on the N-331 highway, about 120 Kms. from Malaga.

Difficulty: Medium; although it is not a long distance, the absence of a path makes a minimum knowledge of orientation in the wilderness necessary in order to get up to the rock.

Duration: 2 hours

We descend on a path from the hermitage that arrives at the highway below, and crossing the bridge, we continue on towards the left between some houses. Right after the houses we turn to the right at the hollow as we descend heading east, the way we will be going throughout the entire trip. After we arrive to the high point of the hollow we continue in the same direction at the same altitude without taking any of the other paths until we arrive at the flat zone with a drop to the left where the fence is; which we will cross to look for a path on the lower side of the fence, it drives us to the foot of Peñón del Buitre, immersed in a forest so thick that we can´t even see the summit. On the left there is a steep yet accessible dale that takes us to the other side of the rock and from there we can approach in an easy ascension of the rocks. From the summit, full of holes and other curious formations, we have at our disposal a good perspective.

The Sauceda pertains to the term municipal of Cortes de la Frontera and there are quaint,arid homes made of rock and wood that hikers can rent, without furniture but perfect to throw down a sleeping bag. From the peak of Aljibe you can continue with hikes or other intineraries in the province of Cadiz.