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La Sauceda-Pico del Aljibe

Profile of the Route

Environment: Sierra del Aljibe

Access: Own Vehicle

Reference: La Sauceda, farming area situated 57 Kms. from Algeciras toward Bornos, in the foothills of Malaga. To Algeciras in the N-331, about 120 Kms. from Malaga

Difficulty: Medium, due to the final strip in a thick forest with no path where it is easy to get lost and not arrive at the summit.

Duration: 4 hours

We leave from the houses in Sauceda, on the path that has a little river on the right side of the Pasada Llana. The path is surrounded by a dense plantation of cork-trees containing a beautiful and ecologically rich covered forest. When we arrive at the pronounced curve to the right of the hermitage, and before crossing the river, we hike straight foward to the hill of the Puerto del Roble, where we find another path which we take to the right as we pass an incredible foutain and continue ascending until we reach a point where the path changes direction and we begin to descend witnessing a splendid view. This is our point of attack to the Aljibe peak.

It is important that we choose a water-course so that we do not end up on a path with very little vegetation and have to come all the way back. We can use a coomon trick and go through the arista on the left, following our arrival at the point of attack and through a path with more vegetation it is easier to follow the wall to the rocks that shows the dividing line of the water on much of the hike. In this way we ascend first to an anterior peak, the Aljibe or the better known, Sillita de la Reina. We then cross a thick bushland under the peak at 1.091 m.

The Sauceda pertains to the term municipal of Cortes de la Frontera and has quaint, arid homes made of rock and wood that that are rented out to hikers, unfurniture but perfect to throw down a sleeping bag. From the peak of Aljibe you can continue with hikes or other intineraries in the province of Cadiz.