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Mijas village-Mijas pico

Profile of the route

Environment: Sierra de Mijas.

Accese: Own Vehicle. Bus from Malaga.

Reference: Mijas, situated 31 Kms. from Malaga in the highway N-340.

Difficulty: Medium, due to the incline of the trail towards the end of the hike.

Duration: 2 hours.

We leave Mijas toward Benalmadena on the highway, and at about 1 Km. to the right we take another highway that heads to a mine. At the end of it there is a path that goes up along a water way to the Pico de Mendoza. At about halfway up, the direction changes to take another one without getting lost. Here is where we abandon the path and try to reach the Puerto de Malaga, from the arista we can first try to get to the Pico de Mendoza, altitude 1.103 m. continuing on through the arista we ascend to another peak arriving at Mijas, altitude 1.130 m.; from where we get a complete panoramic of Malaga, beaches, mountains and villages.

Mijas is a beautiful village found in the mountainous foothills of the Costa del Sol. Here, the modern, the cosmopolitan, the inhabitants and a tendency to maintain the signs of identity and tradition all converge. There are many choices for tourists.