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Tolox-Cañada de las Carnicerías

Profile of the Route

Environment: Sierra de las Nieves.

Access: Own Vehicle.

Reference: Tolox, situated on the highway N-344, 40 Kms. from Malaga and until a crossing 4 Kms. further.

Difficulty: Medium.

Duration: 5 hours.

This itinerary is an excursion from the beautiful village of Tolox and is a transverse alternative to the mountain trip. We leave from the village Tolox on a trail that winds inicially north to head east and turns towards Piloncillo with the rooting valley El Arroyo de los Horcajos on the side. We ascend on the right side. Ignoring the diversions that come up to the right and to the left we arrive at the foot of the Piloncillo, where we can clearly see the water-way that we are following. Continuing along the stream, by the shore and sometimes near the riverbed, where splashed Spanish firs can be seen. The shore ends in a plateau where one can see La Cañada de las Carnicerías, an impressive view, unending rock and grandious beauty.

The most daring can climb La Cañada de las Carnicerías and get to a plateau that connects to the Peñón de los Enamorados. The itinerary offers an amazing perspective of the Sierra de Tolox, that gives its name to a sunken town in the valley surrounded by orchards in an enclave. The town is a good example of the popular mountain arquitecture.