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Los Quejigales-Pen de Ronda

Profile of the Route

Environment: Sierra de las Nieves.

Access: Own Vehicle.

Reference: Farm-estate Los Quejigales, situated 13 Kms. from the nacional highway Ronda-San Pedro de Alcantara, at Km. 13 after the two crosses on the left.

Difficulty: Medium.

Duration: 5 hours.

We depart from the farm-estate Los Quejigales on the same road that we arrived on from the highway but now we continue farther. It leads up towards Puerto de los Quejigales. We can contemplate the changing landscape from Pines to Spanish firs and when we arrive to the port we should be attent because we will abandon the trail right after that: the road continues and is cut off on the right, left and on top toward the bottom by two short dales. The first is the one that we should take up in order to see the Pen de Ronda. Then the guide will direct us to go in and out of the infinite water-ways which we will continue seeing all the way to the Pen with a farm-estate at its feet.

With this itinierary we can take advantage of the East and West parts of the park that we go through.