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Los Quejigales-Torrecilla

Profile of the Route

Environment: Sierra de las Nieves.

Access: Own Vehicle.

Reference:Farm-estate Los Quejigales, situated 13 Kms. from the nacional highway Ronda-San Pedro de Alcantara, at Km. 13 after the two crosses on the left.

Difficulty: Easy, steep mountain trail but very comfortable.

Duration: 3 hours

We depart from the farm-estate Los Quejigales about 500 m. along the water surrounded by Pine trees. Here we begin the unending ascension up to Cañada del Cuerno, where we begin to see a forest full of Spanish firs and, led by the guide, climb higher still. Following this trail, in a short time we reach the Puerto de los Pilones, starting point for many interesting excursions to the Sierra de las Nieves. Here we pass a lane with a television receiver that wepass on our left and from where we begin to descend between the gall oaks, which are not normally found at such high altitudes. From here we begin to see the Pico del Torrecilla, altitude of 1.919 m., that serves as a reference on our way to the base. From the base, the peak is easily attackable in two hundred meters or so.

In Los Quejigales we find the Refugio Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, and a camping area owned by The Environmental Agency. Next we come upon one of the deepest caves in the world, with a profundity of 1.100 m., called Gems abyss. Although this excursion is available year-round, it can be difficult in the summer because of the heat and in the winter because of the cold and ice. In the winter, the path disappears completely and appropriate apparel is necessary; boots, winter coat, etc.