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The Mountains: Moriscos y Mozárabes
Islamic Andalucía

This route combines the cities -Málaga, Antequera, Ronda- with small mountain villages, whose names, styles and popular arquitecture demonstrate the Muslim and Morisco influence.

In Málaga, the Alcazaba ( IX-XI C.), stands out, crowned by the Castillo de Gibralfaro. Testimony of its importance in the days of seamen of Al Andalus is the Puerta de las Atarazanas (nazarita).

Antequera also shows Alcazaba ( XIV C.) and Álora, parts of its castle. The trail toward Ardales is full of abrupt spots: Garganta del Chorro, Desfiladero de los Gaitanes. Where the ruins of Bobastro, the city that withstood the Moorish attack against the state of Cordoba ( IX-X C.) are found.

Itinerary 1 :
Málaga, Antequera, Alora, Ardales, Ronda, Benadalid, Gaucín.
Itinerary 2 :
Málaga, Vélez-Málaga, La Axarquía.

In Ronda one can admire the defense mechanisms of the old city (walls, towers, Puerta de Almocábar), the remains of the mosques (Colegiata de Santa María la Mayor, Iglesia de San Sebastián), and the Baños Arabes (Arab baths). From here one can visit El Burgo, Igualeja and Parauta (the church towers are minarets) or, enjoy the Moorish villages erected by Felipe II, visit the castles of Benadalid -that today shelter the cemetary- and Gaucín.

The second itinerary passes through Vélez-Málaga (Alcazaba) and takes you through the picturesque town of Axarquía, where a series of minarets are raised up ( XII-XIV C.) in the churches of Archez, Salares, Arenas de Vélez, Corumbela, Daimalos y Benaque.